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Amy and Jared Engagement Shoot at White Rock Lake

Amy and Jared contacted me through email to shoot their engagement photos. Every time this happens I wonder if it's because they're not totally sold on my photography and want to give it a test run. Or if they want to meet me and see how I work so they can see if we're a good fit.

Well, about five minutes into the shoot Amy exclaimed: "Oh, you're definitely shooting my wedding!"

It's always nice to find people who are excited by your work and are excited to work with you. I had a great time shooting their engagement session and I think I'll have an even better time shooting their wedding day as well.

sunset engagement photo
sunset engagement photo
a couple laughing arm in arm
backlit engagement shoot by the water
a couple in love
engagement pose by a fence
a couple looking at each other and laughing, highlight on the engagement ring

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