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Capturing the Moments that capture it stunning 4K!

Those three seconds when the bride first hits the aisle, when the groom gets his first look of her of the day and the last look at her as his fiancé; the laughter amongst friends as they help the bride into her wedding dress; the tears that well up in the eyes of a mother or father as they dance that special dance: they tell a story in snippets that, when presented together, become more than the sum of their parts, and when combined into a truly, beautifully emotional love-story film it becomes a treasured way to relive the moments that made up your most special day.


There are many technical details that go into that special "look" that evokes a certain aura of importance and romance into certain wedding films. It's something that is seen and felt even if you don't know why one feels like just a "video" and another feels like a cinematic film.

The lighting, the angles, the audio, the editing; they all play a part in capturing that feeling, and with House of Light you are ensured that your Wedding Film will feel as epic and important while you watch it as your wedding day felt on the day you were living it.

Rebecca and Aaron had their wedding at Oak Point Nature & Retreat Center in Plano, TX.

Their wedding film came together nearly perfectly and effortlessly. That happens often when a couple is so obviously head over heels for each other. Their vows were so touching and their inside joke: "..and don't forget 'immer'" was the perfect thing to bring it all together.

Ariadna and Brent had their engagement party at Fortunata Winery in Aubrey, TX.

Their wedding film perfectly captured the energy of their event and their relationship with the choice of the song "If You Love Her," by Forest Blakk.

Lacey and Daniel had their wedding at The Springs Event Center in Aubrey, TX

They had such sweet custom written vows, and I'm really glad I was able to capture all the emotion behind their unique story and connection.

Hanna and Markus had their wedding at Bella Cavalli Events in Aubrey, TX as well.

They had a fun, goofy energy and their wedding film reflects that with their song choices, especially "Smokin' out the window," by Bruno Mars, Anderson Paak and Silk Sonic.

Sadie and Colton had their wedding at a friend's farm in Decatur, TX.

Their love story was so touching and their vows make me cry every time I watch them.

It was definitely a challenge to edit their film through teary eyes.

Kaitlyn and Daniel had their wedding at The Barn at Big Oak Creek Ranch in Magnolia, AR. 


They had their rustic wedding out in the country and their ceremony was so sweet. It started to rain toward the end, but we were able to get it in before the storm came through.

Their shoe game was so funny!

Tiffany and Evan had their wedding at Stoney Ridge Villa in Azle, TX. 


Stoney Ridge Villa is such a gorgeous venue and the light during the ceremony was just perfect!

So grateful to be tapped to document their special day for them.


The most important aspect to wedding videography is knowing where to be at the exact right time. Having shot over 500 weddings in my career I know the ins and outs of just about every type of wedding, from Protestant to Catholic, Hindu to Muslim, Jewish to secular I've done it all.

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