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My Top 6 places to have your Engagement Shoot in Dallas and Fort Worth

Updated: May 23, 2023

As we ramp up into this year's spring wedding season I wanted to share a few of my favorite places I like to go to for my engagement photo sessions.

For those couples that are newly engaged and are looking for ideas of where the best places in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex are to get the most out of their session, (in no particular order) these are the places that I recommend:


#1 Fort Worth Botanic Garden

This one is pretty much my go to for anybody on the Fort Worth side of town who wants a setting with more natural elements (flowers and trees.) There is a $75 photography fee but it is well worth it as the Botanic Gardens offer numerous locations with beautiful scenery for the vast majority of the year.

During the week the crowds are a non issue as it is easy to find parking and waiting for spots or for people to get out of the background is exceedingly rare. There are many interesting, beautiful, and distinct areas that offer different feels and opportunities for creativity. It's easy to feel romantic and comfortable in front of the camera when you are surrounded by such beauty.

The Japanese Garden is definitely a highlight although it is a far walk from the entrance.

#2 Flippen Park

Over on the Dallas side of the metroplex there's this little hidden gem located near Highland Park. There aren't as many locations as the Fort Worth Botanic Garden (as it is much smaller) but there is also no fee, and while there are usually one or two other couples taking their engagement photos as well, there are hardly any other people in the park to get in the way.

Flippen Park has a great mix of natural feeling backgrounds with a pretty little gazebo and stunning medium sized wading pool and fountain.

The park is well surrounded by trees and houses that provide very nice golden hour light and it's proximity to downtown Dallas means you can get away with splitting an engagement session up into two parts, the second part being:

#3 Downtown Dallas (Pacific Plaza and Majestic Theatre)

I'm going to split downtown Dallas up into two parts because there are a few areas that you can go to and which have ample possibilities for a variety of backgrounds.

If you're looking for a more urban setting its hard to find a better place than Pacific Plaza and the surrounding area. Located a few blocks away from Elm street just before it goes into Deep Ellum, Pacific Plaza has an amazing structural sculpture that provides a dynamic visual element to your images and will add a dramatic flair to the entire session. The fact that it looks like a giant Diamond Engagement ring also helps.

Heading over more toward Elm St. you will find the Majestic Theatre which will offer the opportunity to get some dramatic looks down the avenue with a little more street traffic to capture more of that pure urban feel. Think of the movie poster for a romantic dramedy set in New York and that's the look you will get there.

And then not too far away from that if you're willing to walk you will find the next spot:

#4 Downtown Dallas (Winspear Opera House and Klyde Warren Park)

Utilizing a little more of that "Uptown" feel, Winspear Opera House and Klyde Warren Park offer a slightly different "urban" aesthetic. The water features are great for that WOW factor and really sparkle at the right time of day.

If you want to give your engagement photos an air of sophistication it's hard to go wrong with this combo.

If you're looking for a more "down-to-earth" urban feel then the perfect spot is across town:

#5 Downtown Fort Worth and Stockyards

Coming from New York I've always thought of Dallas as being a small big city and Fort Worth being a big small town, so if you're looking for more of small town vibe Downtown Fort Worth has got just the right combination of urban and country to deliver just what you're looking for.

Whether at the Stockyards, Downtown proper or at Fort Worth Water Gardens you'll find plenty of places to give your engagement photos that down home country feel that fits your personalities.

Now if your personalities are more in line with a Mediterranean/Italian Riviera sort of thing, you won't believe it but you're in luck because:

#6 Mandalay Canal

Located in Las Colinas, Mandalay Canal is a fabulous little spot with an array of visually romantic settings that are perfect for getting a look and feel that is a little less specifically "Texas" and a little more universally romantic. The arcade, the canal, and the bridge that overlooks it all are great places to use as a backdrop for an engagement session, and if you haven't locked down a venue for the wedding day Venetian Terrace, which is located right off of the canal, is a wonderful venue for small to medium sized weddings.

If you would like to get in touch with me to discuss more about the perfect place to capture your engagement photos feel free to reach out to me here.


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