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Tara & Kyle Proposal and Engagement Shoot in Keller Texas

One of the best things about being a wedding and family portrait photographer is that over time you become an honored guest at some of the most important events in your client's lives.

Last year I shot Maddison's wedding and this year her brother Kyle decided he was gonna pop the question to his girlfriend(spoiler alert: now fiance,) and he wanted to make it a really special occasion and have it documented with a proposal shoot followed by an engagement shoot.

He had his family help set up a walkway of all the pictures and memories from their relationship so he could walk her through it and the at end, he got down on one knee, and barely got the words out before he had his answer.

I was hidden behind an old set of windows shooting through the slats of the blinds, hoping I wasn't too noticeable as they ended up pretty damn close to me. Thankfully with my silent shutter on my Canon EOS R6, I didn't make any noise, even while stifling back some tears as I witnessed their very special moment.

And, that's really one of the best things, to watch a family just grow and grow and grow while making beautiful keepsakes for them to add to the paths they walk down together.

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