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Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been doing Wedding Photography ?

I started as an assistant in 2005 and worked my way up to second shooter within a few years, eventually becoming the main photographer for a very prestigious studio in Long Island NY.

In 2019 I decided to start my own studio because I wanted to better serve my brides and grooms and control every aspect of their experience in order to deliver as much value as I can for their special day.

What is your turn around time for pictures and video?

My image galleries are delivered within Two Weeks and my videos are fully edited and delivered within Twenty Weeks. Previews are usually provided within 72 hours on my blog.

How many images can we expect to be in our Wedding Gallery ?

The average number of images delivered is about 200 per hour covered. That includes full editing of exposure and color correction (these aren't proofs, every image is print ready, with no watermarks and full printing rights.) This is just a guideline though as there are no artificial limits, if we get 300 incredible images per hour you will get all of them.

What kind of Photography Equipment do you use?

I use the latest and greatest Cameras and Lenses from Canon which is their top of the line R6 Camera body which is incredible for low light situations such as you find during weddings, especially indoor ceremonies and receptions. I use all Prime Lenses as well as they are the best quality and have the best low light performance. 

Do you do Engagement Shoots as well? Bridal Shoots?

YES! Most of my higher end packages come with engagement shoots included, and bridal shoots are also available. There are a number of locations I like to use, but if you have a special place that has meaning to the both of you, we can shoot there as well.

You're a Natural Light Photographer. What if our Wedding is going to be dark?

As a natural light/available light photographer, my goal is to capture to look and feel of your wedding day as it was in the moment as much as possible. That is why I use highly sensitive cameras and prime lenses that gather as much light as possible. When absolutely necessary I will add the use of flash but I will always strive to maintain that natural look. I try to keep the use of flash to a minimum during the ceremony as a rule as to avoid becoming an unnecessary distraction.

Are there any Travel Fees?

There are no Travel Fees to anywhere in the greater Dallas/Fort Worth area, including McKinney, Gainesville, Aubrey, Denton, Justin, Decatur, Weatherford, Hillsboro, and Corsicana. There are travel fees for Waco, Austin, San Antonio, etc. and of course for out of state Destination Weddings.

Do you offer Prints and Albums?

YES! Print packages are available, and custom designed wedding albums as well.

What happens if you get sick?

I have a network of reliable photographers that I can call upon in the very rare case that I am unable to perform on the day of. In the exceedingly rare case where I am unable to find a replacement, a full refund will be available including any money collected for the engagement shoot even if it was performed and delivered. 

Will we be able to receive the RAW files?

Because I treat my RAW files as if they were digital negatives and expose them in a special way in order to maximize the dynamic range, the RAW files are not for sale. The raw video footage is available for purchase although the footage, since it is shot with the edit in mind, will not be as cohesive as the final edit.

Will there be a Second Shooter?

Second photographers are available and are included in the highest end packages.

What type of Weddings do you specialize in?

All types! 

I have shot every type of wedding in my career including Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, Secular, Hindu, and Sikh.

Are you LGBTQ+ friendly?

Absolutely! Love is Love.

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