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Kegan & Dylan Engagement Shoot at Fort Worth Botanic Garden

A young couple embracing on a bridge during their engagement shoot

It was a perfect day for a portrait session this past Saturday (the temperature was perfect and there was minimal wind, which is sort of rare in North Texas in the Spring) and we definitely took advantage of it for Kegan and Dylan's engagement shoot.

They had never gotten any pictures taken together and they were nervous that they would be awkward, but right from the get go they were amazing subjects and if they felt awkward it definitely didn't come through in the images. I had a hard time ending the session because I was having so much fun and getting great shots.

engagement shoot forehead to forehead

Love was in the air because about halfway through our session we stumbled upon another photographer capturing a secret proposal.

It really was a magnificent day; there were maternity shoots, weddings, proposals, graduation pictures, you name it, the place was filled with people enjoying the day, capturing precious moments, and marking the special occasions that make life worth living and remembering.

Can't wait til late August to capture these two on the most important day of their relationship!

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