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Lucile & Scott Wedding at The Barn at Sparrow Creek Farm

Lucile and Scott had their wedding at The Barn at Sparrow Creek Ranch in Graham, TX this past wednesday. It was a little windy but the temperature was absolutely perfect. There were only about 25 guests which gave this wedding a very intimate feeling.

I started with some detail shots of the rings and dress (and Lucile's Pug Pheobe) then it was upstairs to take some portraits of the groom after capturing some candids of him finishing up getting ready.

Then I went downstairs to the bridal suite for some shots of the bride finishing her makeup and hair and getting into her gown. After taking a few bridal portraits it was time for the ceremony which was short and sweet and so emotional when it came to the ring exchange and kiss.

All the guests had paper sleeves filled with rose petals to throw on the bride and groom when they came back down the aisle and it made for a great photo-op. We did some family group portraits and then had some fun during our couple's session.

Dad went to get pizza so the bride and groom hung out in the bridal suite until he came back. They had a grand entrance, first dance and then sat down for dinner. After the pizza was devoured there were w few speeches and parent dances, followed by the cake cutting and musical chairs!

All in all it was a great night and I wish the bride and groom a long and happy marriage!

If you are having a small intimate wedding and are interested in my 4 hour package as you can see what can be accomplished in such a short time, inquire here.

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