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Joleen and Brad Engagement Shoot at Eagle Mountain Park

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Did a lovely engagement session with this wonderful couple at Eagle Mountain Park in Ft. Worth. First things first, this place is HUGE. It has some really nice areas to shoot close to the entrance so it works very well as a place to get some good golden hour portraits done, but if you want to get to the water IT'S A HIKE! But so worth it!

engagement shoot ring detail

I always love doing this little detail shot. You can see so much personality in people's hands if you look close enough.

engagement couple laughing

Their energy was so great to capture and their love for one another was so clear.

engagement session kiss on a bridge

This little bridge had such beautiful light at this time of day.

All in all I'm looking forward to getting to shoot their wedding at the Paddock at Champion's Circle this coming October, it's gonna be so romantic!

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