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Valerie & John at Ashton Gardens in Corinth, TX

Valerie and John had their wedding at Ashton Gardens and we had so much fun!

They only had me for three hours but we were able to get so much done in that time. I got there a little early and did some detail shots of the rings, venue and dress then got some of Valerie getting ready and did a portrait session with John and his boys.

Then it was time for the ceremony and while the quality of light is absolutely gorgeous in the chapel at Ashton Gardens the amount of light is NOT much, so I had to utilize the low light capabilities of my Canon R6 camera and the light gathering capabilities of my Prime Lenses to get as much out of it as I could.

I could have added some flash but I try to avoid doing so during the ceremony as to not be a distraction and also I prefer the look of the natural light.

I did use my Godox AD600BM during the family portraits so as to keep the noise levels down so they can make wall sized prints if they so choose, but for the most part I worked with available light.

After a fun session with the bridal party and some shots of the couple Valerie got changed into her reception dress and it was time for introductions and first dance.

They were wonderful dancers and I got a lot of great shots right off the bat, so after I felt like I had some great ones I dropped my shutter speed down to catch some movement and make the dancing photos feel as energetic as the dancing itself.

After I got that, I decided to flip to video mode and do a quick Michael Bay tracking shot around them as they danced toward the finish.

I wish I could have stayed to capture the rest of their night but I am happy with what we were able to get!


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