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The Wedding of Eliza & Carl at The College Street Pub in Waxahachie, Texas

Eliza and Carl had their micro wedding at The College Street Pub in Waxahachie, Texas this past weekend and they kept it chill and easy, just like their personalities.

We met up at the bike trail that they often spend their weekends biking on about an hour before their guests were meant to be arriving at the venue, and while it took a bit to get their personalities to shine through, by the end of our little mini-session they were having a blast and showing it in their expressions.

Then we headed over to The College Street Pub and I got some photos of the decorations and set up that Eliza had put together. Carl is a potter and Eliza is a jewelry artist so they collaborated on some pots that acted as both table decorations and guest's gifts.

They invited all their family and closest friends to witness their union, and it was a lovely little ceremony that saw Carl choke up a bit when explaining his love for Eliza. It was truly touching.

After the ceremony there were some speeches and an extended cocktail hour, filled with mingling, catching up, and laughing with friends and new family.

I was honored to be tasked with capturing such a beautiful union between two very special and joyous souls.