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The Wedding of Amber and Shawn at Silo & Oak in Temple, Texas

Updated: Jan 9

Silo and Oak is a wonderful little venue just southwest of Waco, Texas. It's a cozy little collection of quaint and rustic structures tucked away amongst the ranches and rolling hills of Temple.

When I arrived, Amber was in her bridal robe, finalizing the decorations for the reception tables and in good spirits. Shawn had not yet arrived so she quickly showed me around the venue and all the places she was eager to utilize for some pictures, which included the eponymous silo, the old truck they have out front, the doorway to the reception hall, and the swing they have out back. Looking at how beautiful the place was I knew that my work would be easy that day.

Shawn was due to arrive so Amber hid herself away in the bridal suite and I started by getting some getting ready photos of the groom, some detail shots of the wedding gown and shoes, jewelry and rings, and some of the bride getting her son Albert ready, and getting into her dress.

Then it was time for the ceremony in Silo and Oak's beautiful little chapel. Shawn and Amber exchanged personal vows and then sealed their love with a kiss and headed down the aisle as a happy couple. We did some bridal party photos and family photos inside the chapel (we had a lot of shots to get through, but we did it) and then I took the couple around the venue for some shots in all those areas that Amber had mentioned and the venue did not disappoint!

They made their grand entrance into the dining hall and it was time for dinner, and afterwards we all went back into the chapel area for a gender reveal for the little one that Amber was carrying! It was so sweet and I got choked up a bit watching the excitement and love fill that space with such warmth and exuberance.

A first dance, and some parent dances followed and then Amber and Shawn and their family and friends rocked out for the rest of the night and just before leaving I grabbed another shot of them on the back of that old pickup truck, with the Silo and the Oak in the background.

It was a pleasure and a honor to have worked with such a great couple at such a great little venue. Thank you Amber and Shawn!

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