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The Universal in the Particular

A big part of being a working wedding professional is providing your clients with images that capture their special day in ways that highlight the particularities of their lives and relationships, taking pictures and creating images of THEM and their families.

This often means making sure to get a nice clear image of the little Jesse's face as he comes down the aisle as the ring bearer, or grabbing that perfect moment when Sarah looks at her father as he sees her for the first time in her wedding gown.

These are beautiful moments for sure, but sometimes you get the chance to transcend the particulars of your client's lives and capture moments that tell a more universal story about familial love and romantic connection that we can all relate to.

A flower girl and a bridesmaid sit with each other on a chair
Bridesmaid and flower girl

Like this moment that captures two of the stages of the feminine side of the bridal party. There's a sense of mentorship, of growth, of the story of what it means to go from being a girl that carries a collection of petals to being a woman who carries the whole flower.

A flower girl comes down the aisle
Here comes the bride
Close up of a bridal bouquet with the bride's shoulders
Bride with Bouquet

Here we get a sense of anticipation, maybe a vulnerable nervousness, but a readiness as well, she's got everything she needs.

A ring bearer carries the rings down the aisle
Ring Bearer

Holding onto the most important pieces of the day.

A bride getting her hair put up on her special day
The bride's hair

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