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Sya & Jaden Wedding at Arrowwood Weddings and Events Center in Palmer Texas

Yesterday was a perfect day for Sya and Jaden's wedding at Arrowwood Events Center in Palmer Texas. Spring days in Texas can be sort of all over the place, but this texas bride and groom got some of the best weather a Texas spring has to offer. It threatened rain for a few minutes here and there, but never came.

I arrived about an hour before my start time (which is my usual MO as the one thing I've learned as a vendor in the wedding industry in the past 15 or so years is that it's better to be early by an hour than to be late by a few minutes. Wedding days can't be repeated or rescheduled just because you got a flat tire.)

So I used my extra time to grab some detail shots of the bridal gown and shoes and then got to work on getting some shots of Jaden as he got ready with his groomsmen. They all had a great attitude and we had some fun and goofed around for a few minutes before I went in to get some getting ready shots of Sya and her bridesmaids.

Sya seemed a bit nervous about everything but when she got her dress on her face lit up and she was absolutely beaming the entire rest of the day. She looked absolutely stunning (Ana De Armas would definitely play her in the movie of her life) so we made sure to get a ton of beautiful photos of her in her dress and under the veil.

Since their wedding had a smaller guest list they utilized the back area there at Arrowwood near the water fountain, just over the bridge, and the lighting was near perfect for the entirety of the ceremony. Their officiant did a great job and their faces as they walked back down the aisle said it all about how much excitement they have for the start of their journey together as husband and wife.

That excitement carried on throughout the rest of the night during their wedding reception and final send off. It was the perfect night and I am so grateful I got to share it with them and to help them remember their special day for the rest of their lives.

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