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The Wedding of Hillary & Jon at The Flying V Ranch in Decatur, Texas

Hillary and Jon had their winter wedding at The Flying V Ranch in Decatur Texas this past sunday and it was a truly amazing event with two truly amazing people. They were so in love and so happy the whole entire day and their families were a pleasure to interact with and to photograph.

Beauty By Shelley G did an oustanding job with the bridal makeup, and Dj Sean kep the party going hard thoughout the night.

I arrived at the event just as the bride and her mother texted me to say how excited they were for the day and that is always a good sign! Excitement and joy are what I live for. I got started with some wedding details pictures of the rings, wedding dress, bridal shoes and cowboy boots as Hillary got her hair and makeup done by Shelley and Crew, then I got a few shots of the groom getting ready (not pictured here) and some shots with his groomsmen.

Then it was time for a first look with the bride's father followed by a first look with the groom out in the field. There wasn't a cloud in the sky so the lighting was challenging but by utilizing the shadow of the tall and handsome groom, I was able to find some flattering light for some quick couple portraits before the family photos.

Since the lighting was a challenge I utilized the side of the wedding arbor so as to block any direct sunlight from hitting the subjects and to use the light from the open sky as my key light. The sunlight hitting everyone from the side and behind acted as a beautiful accent light that after the ceremony was a golden glow for the bridal party photos.

We didn't have much time for the family photos before the ceremony, so we cut things short and headed inside to get the veil on. We took a few quick photos of the bride underneath the veil and then it was time to get hitched!

The ceremony was super quick so I didn't have much of a chande to walk around and get the angles that I usually can get but I made sure to be in the perfect position for the ring exchange and kiss (with wedding photography, you never know how things will go and it's super important to be able to think on the fly!)

After the ceremony we did the rest of the family photos and the bridal party in that golden glow I mentioned before, and then just as the sun was about to set we did a sunset shoot with the couple and headed into the reception just as the twilight turned into dark.

Dj Sean again did an amazing job and the party was LIT (are people still saying lit?) Hillary and Jon did cheer back in the day so he lifted her into the party, their first dance, and then after dinner it was basically a rager until I took them out for some starlight pictures in the ceremony area.

After that it was time for one last private dance, and a sparkler send off and into the limo to start the rest of their lives together.

Thank you again, Hillary and Jon for letting me be a part of capturing this wonderful day for you, I hope I served your memories well!