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Megan & Hunter at The Establishment Barn in Terrell, TX

a bride and groom hold each other close in front of a sunset

Megan and Hunter had a rustic country wedding at the Establishment Barn in Terrell, and it ended up being just perfect. They have such complementing energies (hers high and his low) that they strike an incredible balance, not just I assume in their relationship, but it also showed in the photos, which is always nice for me to capture: the dynamic contrast and polarity of a loving relationship.

As Megan got her makeup and hair done I started with some portraits of the groomsmen and some details of the rings, then it was time to get Megan into her dress.

She looked stunning in her dress which was see through below the knee to show off her boots! Country Glam!

The ceremony area was GORGEOUS and had the perfect light funneling in. So romantic!

Then it was the girls turn time to shine, followed by some family portraits and full bridal party shots.

We did a quick session with just the bride and groom before going into the reception.

Took them out for some sunset photos and it was spectacular! We got a ton of great shots!

It was hard to stop and go back inside because we were having so much fun!

The party ended a little early, but we sent those two off as best we could!

Congrats Megan and Hunter!

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