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Lauren and Matthew at Prestonwood Baptist and Stonebriar CC

Lauren and Matthew were blessed with a wonderful mid-December wedding day yesterday at Prestonwood Baptist Church. They arrived in good spirits and you could tell that the excitement they both shared would translate into some amazing wedding photos.

We got some getting ready pics of Lauren before doing a first look with both her bridesmaids and Matthew in the side corridor to the left of the chapel which provided some amazing natural light for their private exchange of letters moment.

Then we did some family photos and bridal party pictures before the cremony. Lauren looked amazing in her ball gown wedding dress and she was a natural when it came to posing. She had done her research and had provided a ton of inspo pics so we had a good road map for what we wanted to get.

After the ceremony we did some additional extended family pictures and then it was over to Stonebriar Country Club for some fun bridal party pics and a couples session just as the sun began to set.

They were amazing subjects and their love for one another shown through in every frame.

The reception was so much fun with everyone dancing and waving around their glowsticks and dressing up for the photobooth. It's going to be difficult whittling all those shots down to just the best ones!

Thank you again to Lauren and Matthew with entrusting me to capture your most special day!