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The Wedding of Misty & Michael at A & M Gardens in Azle, Texas

Misty and Michael had their wedding at A and M Gardens in Azle this past weekend and it was a beautiful day, through and through. Michael had an unfortunate mishap with his tuxedo rental so he had to last minute scrounge for a suit, but he got what he needed in time and we got a lot of great shots of him getting ready. I always say that for a wedding day the only things you need are each other, the rings, an officiant and a witness and everything else is gravy, so as long as nothing goes wrong with the important things, everything else can go wrong and it will still be magical.

After getting groom getting ready photos I got some of him with his groomsmen and then some of Misty getting getting ready with her bridesmaids. That took us right up the ceremony which went off without a hitch (well, there was one hitch, hehe) and it had a really nice moment during the sand ceremony where Misty's choral students sang a song as the bride and groom combined their two sands together in an hourglass.

The rest of the night was so much fun and we got a lot of great shots of the reception and dances, A & M Gardens has a really cool wall behind the dance floor that is all lit up with lights that really look great with my natural light/available light approach.

After some speeches and the cake cutting it was time for the sparkler send off and into the rest of their lives!


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