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The Wedding of Malenie and Torrey at The Aristede in Mansfield, Texas

Melanie and Torrey had their wedding at The Aristede in Mansfield over the weekend and they couldn't have asked for a better day. The weather was perfect and the venue looked incredible (and so did they!)

I started by grabbing some detail shots of the wedding rings and the bride's shoes (she had two pairs, one a set of high top air force ones, and the other a super sexy pair of Jessica Simpson pumps.) I like the contrast of the two shoes and I feel like it captures a lot about the duality of Melanie's personality. She seems like the kind of woman who feels at home in both.

Next it was time for some getting ready shots in the bridal suite and I loved the lighting coming off of the vanities so I tried to utilize it as much as I could in a creative way as a practical light source. Melanie had expressed that she wanted her wedding photos to have a classy and sexy feel and I really think the black and white treatment definitely goes a long way toward the classy side.

I pulled Torrey out of the groom's suite because (like a lot of venues) it really wasn't all that great looking. So I took him and his boys out into the hall to get some better light for his getting ready photos.

While Melanie finished up her makeup I took Torrey and his groomsmen out for some portraits then I came back in and got Melanie getting into her dress. I just love the look of the black and white in that room with that lighting and the feel it gives.

I set them up on the back side of the venue in the shade for a couple of reasons: privacy, quality of light, and temperature. Sometimes there's that one perfect spot for everything. They had a sweet little first look/private vows session (complete with a kiss) and then it was time for the ceremony.

After the ceremony we finished up the bridal party and family photos and then did a quick session with the bride and groom, incorporating the staircase and a vintage car that they had rented for the night. I really love that "pulling up the dress" shot.

For the reception I cranked the iso way up and saturated my edits to really emphasize the uplighting and color that they had going on. I'm super happy with the result and I think we got some really amazing and vibrant party pictures.

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