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Sydney & Theo at Three Danes and Brewed Fort Worth

classical portrait of a bride and groom

I met Sydney and Theo a few weeks before their wedding at the bar inside of BREWED to go over the details and itinerary of their day. The first thing I noticed, from the second they saw me walk in, was their bubbling positivity. They had big excited smiles as they greeted me and I was sure at that moment that we were going to get a lot of great photos.

The thing I'm always looking for in collaborating with a couple on capturing their wedding day is their level of expressiveness. Not everybody is as outgoing and expressive as these two are, sometimes it has to be coaxed out of them for the sake of the pictures, and that's ok (I'm as interested in capturing authenticity as much as I am capturing emotional expressiveness) but having a couple like Sydney and Theo, a couple that wears their hearts and their love for each other on their sleeves, makes my job that much easier.

They started their day at Three Danes on May St in Fort Worth, and as I arrived and was looking for where to go in Sydney burst out on the porch with the same level of enthusiasm as when I walked into the bar at BREWED and I knew before I turned to see her that I was in the right place!

They had their first look out on that same porch and I was able to capture their moment together quite nicely. Sydney couldn't resist kissing Theo and her reaction was so cute. It's those little moments that I'm always looking for, those special unrepeatable authentic moments of connection.

The porch was also a great location for some portraits before heading over the ceremony venue.

A bridal party having fun

Strike a pose.

Quick sesh at BREWED before the ceremony.

And here's where that expressiveness pays off.

Grand entrance of a bride and groom into their wedding reception

Party time!

First Dance.

Thank you two for letting me be a part of your special day!

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