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Shelby & Sam at Frisco Heritage Depot in Frisco, Texas

Shelby and Sam had their wedding at Frisco Heritage Depot in Frisco, Texas yesterday and it turned out to be a pretty wonderful day and event despite the cold temperatures and slight rain that we had.

We were able to get most of the family photos and bridal party photos outside before the rain came down, and most importantly we got a nice amount of time for the first look and some bride and groom photos as well.

I just loved how much fun the two of them had and just how much Shelby laughed all day. It's a real pleasure to be around such joy and celebration, and it was so touching to watch them read their vows to each other under the Chuppah during the ceremony.

They both broke a glass to cap off their not-exactly-traditional Jewish wedding ceremony and they had a nice intimate reception to follow where we got a lot of great photos. Before that they had a private dance at the Cozier house and I was able to get some secret photos of them.

I think the best part was the send off as there were SO MANY FLOWER PETALS! They got all over the both of them and they looked like they were having a ball. SO much fun.

If you're looking to capture your wedding with the same verve and appreciation for celebration let me know here.

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