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Mackenzie & James In Valley View, TX

Mackenzie and James had a backyard wedding over the Mother's Day weekend and (aside from the humidity) it turned out to be the perfect day.

A bride and groom walk back down the aisle after getting married

When I arrived, they had a few tents set up in her mother's side and back yard and they were finishing up the tables and getting the wedding cake finished. Mackenzie was getting her makeup done and James was working on getting everything squared away.

While Mackenzie finished getting ready, I took James outside for a few portraits with his groomsmen.

Then it was time for Mackenzie to get into her dress.

mother of the bride helping her daughter into her wedding gown

Around the backside of the house, we set up a private area for them to have a "first touch."

They said some secret vows, and then it was time for the ceremony.

We jumped right into Family Formals and Bridal Party Photos.

Some romantic couple's photos.

a young bride and groom looking at each other under the veil

Then it was party time!

It was a great night for a party, and it even cooled down a bit toward the end. We got some "sunset photos" by the porch and I think the lights they had set up were a good substitute.

It was an honor and a pleasure to work with two people so obviously in love as these two!

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