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Denise & Earl at Gather in Downtown McKinney, TX

Denise and Earl had their wedding at Gather in the quaint yet bustling downtown of McKinney, Texas. They had met for coffee after finding each other on the online dating apps, and that little date turned into an instant connection that saw them talking and connecting for over 8 hours that day.

Their love for each other was bursting from within them from the very start of their wedding day, and it was an absolute honor and pleasure to have captured it for them in both video and stills imagery. The venue had a very cool and urban atmosphere and I tried to capture that as much as possible by utilizing the existing light as much as I could, only supplementing it when absolutely necessary.

It wasn't hard at all to get good shots of these two as they were head over heels for each other. It's always the most fun and rewarding when that happens, and I think my work attracts that sort of couple because I can't really think of a time where I wasn't able to bring that out for people.

I gave their video teaser a hip classic black and white treatment as I felt it captured the mood of their venue.

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