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Darah & Jonathan Wedding Day at The Milestone-Denton in Krum TX

Darah and Jonathan had their wedding at the beautiful The Milestone-Denton this past friday and I couldn't be happier with set of photos we were able to get. The weather, although pretty hot and muggy in the morning cooled off quite a bit as the day progressed and just as the ceremony started it got pretty much perfect.

Darah and Jon were amazing subjects to photograph. They were expressive and fun, they didn't at all get stressed out about anything, and they really lived in the moment and in their love the entire day. It was truly a beautiful thing to witness, and I am truly just blown away with this set of photographs.

I can't wait to go through the rest of their gallery edit and to see how the super-8 film we shot turned out. Editing the video highlight reel is going to be so much fun and I think it is going to end up just as amazing.

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