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Alicia & Zach at Hidden Creek in Heath, TX

A lot of wedding photographers don't provide coverage for anything less than 6 hours. For a variety of financial reasons, it just doesn't make sense to block off a day for a micro-wedding or an elopement when having that date available for a full sized package would be the better bet for one's business.

And I get that.

But one of the things I like about being available for smaller budgets and needs is that it leaves you open to a wider variety of couples and all the unique ways in which they choose to express and celebrate their love.

Not everyone is looking to make a big to-do with their wedding days, some just want to pick and choose the most important aspects of what our culture has set aside for such occasions, and with Zach and Alicia, who had already had their ceremony some 4 months prior, they just wanted to reaffirm their commitment to one another and have a party.

And I was glad and honored to be chosen to help document that for them, and the challenge presented by trying to capture everything within a 2 hour time frame, made it more fun and interesting, and I think we did a good job!

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