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The Wedding of Shelly and Brandon at The Hall in Bowie Texas

Shelly and Brandon had their wedding at The Hall in Bowie Texas and I must say, it went damned near perfectly. We got off to a late start (like 90% of the weddings I've ever been to) which meant we had to push all of the formal portraits until after the ceremony, but everybody--from the bride and groom to the bridal party, to the families--they all got in line and did what had to be done to get the pictures we needed.

Brandon expressed to me when we were doing our pre-wedding consult that the pictures were going to be a major part of what they wanted to get right, that he was willing to pay a little more to make sure he got quality, and that attitude was a big reason why we got so many amazing photos.

The bridal party really new the assignment when it came down to acquiring steampunk outfits to go with the theme of this wedding and that made it so fun to be a part of capturing all these special moments.

We had wonderful weather and a beautiful (albeit cloudless) sunset, and SHelly knocked it out of the park with the parasol she packed. She made her own bouquet and everything for this wedding and it was just truly stunning.

Special thanks to Janki Desai for helping out with second photographer duties!

It's gonna be hard narrowing them down to a manageable size to fit in the album, but that's my job isn't it?

Also, I figured that capturing the special request of the drinking game that they all like to play was best done in video as well as stills so I made sure to capture that as well:

Here are my current favorites after quickly going through them and doing a quick edit:

Thank you again Shelly and Brandon for letting me be a part of capturing your most amazing wedding day for you!

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