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The Small Moments that Capture it all

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

flower girl asleep in her mother's arms during the ceremony

The 1 year old flower girl was supposed to ride down the aisle in a tiny white Jeep, trailing flowers behind her as she smiled and laughed all the way. This would have made a great photo-op, it would have been the highlight of the day and would've been shown to everyone on social media for years to come. It would have been so cute.

Instead, since the ceremony had been scheduled during her normal nap time, she fell asleep in her mother's arms, and she cooed and snored her way down the aisle, the Jeep and the flower petals left behind in the Bride's dreams.

But that's the thing that's so perfect about the moments you find in the reality that happens when the plans you had fall through. What better representation of the sort of bond one hopes to make through marriage than the way the tiny fingers of a sleeping pre-toddler clasp the arm of her mother during her sister's wedding ceremony? That totally vulnerable, completely pure version of love is what we aspire to when we make those vows to one another; the type of love that lets us rest our heads on each other's chests and let all the pressures and plans and stress and responsibilities just...go.

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